2021 JABF Vol.9(S1)- Special issue on Mangroves and Fisheries
  1. Status of True and Mangrove Associates in the Ashtamudi Estuary
    Razeena Karim L., Vineetha S. and Sherly Williams E.    Download
  2. Isolation and Molecular Characterization of Beneficial Rhizobacteria from the Mangrove Ecosystem of Poovar, South Kerala, India
    Devi R.R. and Sugunan V.S.    Download
  3. In vitro Propagation Protocol for the Conservation of Sonneratia alba Sm.
    Reshma Benson, Divya and Rubin Jose A.S.    Download
  4. In vitro Shoot Multiplication in Bruguera cylindrica W & A
    Siji V., Sophiammal Nettar and Rubin Jose A.S.    Download
  5. A Study of the Fish Diversity Associated with Different Mangrove Species of Ayiramthemgu Region in Kollam, Kerala, India
    Nisha Thomas Panikkaveetil    Download
  6. Comparative Assessment of the Hydro-Geochemical Characteristics of Mangrove and Non-Mangrove Regions with Special Reference to the Molluscan Fauna along the Ashtamudi and Vembanad Ramsar Sites – The Wetlands of International Significance, Southern Kerala, India
    Sinu, J.V., Pooja Mohan and Annies Joseph    Download
  7. Imagery Analysis of Socio – Bio Interactions in the Estuarine Environment
    Dhanya, T.K., Azeez, K. and Libeesh, N.K.    Download
  8. The Antimalarial Potential and Phytochemical Composition of Mangroves from Southeast India: An In vitro Study
    Hridya, V.K., Prince Godson S., Chandrasekar, N. and Kumaresan, S.    Download

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